Tomorrow, the brainchild of BROWN TURNER Chemicals® is clean deprived areas of the planet (Amazon Rainforest, Sumatra, Borneo), which survive in extreme poverty few tribes, replacing the barren and inhospitable vastness by fields of transgenic canola, staple food for cattle in the world, and alternative fuel to oil.

BROWN TURNER Chemicals® and invented the concept of "S.T.O" (Socialization Tribes by Oilseeds).

By reversing the concept of aid to the third world, little value for these underdeveloped tribes, BROWN TURNER Chemicals® empowers those men who are frustuous and unwilling to help others.

Other sectors are now booming: armament, and space

research. These two activities are united in one company:

BROWN TURNER Space®. They will be conducted

together with one goal: to make peace on earth and in


Extensive program ... But one day, through BROWN TURNER

Chemicals®, humans live in a peaceful and healthy world.

This world will look like in the Garden of origins.

And that day, our motto will never been so true:

Invisible particles, visible happiness.

SUN CATCHER® project:

Global warming and energy saving are also two areas where

BROWN TURNER Space® has a role to play. Our engineers

have developed a satellite that will soon be put into orbit.

This satellite, when its panels are deployed, will be able to

capture sunlight, store it, and return it to the northern

hemisphere in winter.

By projecting its shadow on the southern hemisphere, this

artificial eclipse will be a radical solution to the problem of

global warming!

Watch a video from the BROWN TURNER TV® program:


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