BROWN TURNER Chemicals® installed its headquarters in France, in the 1980s.

France is the ideal terrain for experimentation across its vast farms.

Recent discoveries (still secret) were made in the laboratory French BROWN TURNER Chemicals Labs®

Thanks to determined men, faithful to the Spirit's Ethics and Philosophy of our company BROWN TURNER Chemicals® is a world leader in the chemical industry. A powerful and omnipresent giant.

BROWN TURNER Chemicals® also has eyes turned skyward, and projects in the field of space research.

Each of the 60,000 employees BROWN TURNER Chemicals® is unique in the world. We would like to highlight the most deserving actors in our business. We chose our responsible for the chemistry sector in France, Bruno L. As he likes to repeat with pride, he "gave his life" at BROWN TURNER Chemicals®.

After studying chemistry and obtaining diplomas, Bruno L leaves to weapons in the USA. This is where he discovered BROWN TURNER Chemicals® company. He was hired by BROWN TURNER Chemicals® for its subsidiary in Europe.

Back in France, he took over the management of the laboratory BROWN TURNER Chemicals Labs® head office newly create.

Very soon, he feels the need to go "on the ground" to disseminate as widely as possible the products and ideas BROWN TURNER Chemicals® He takes his "walking stick" and is now a driving force for our company . Not a day goes by that Bruno L, takes his car, as an apostle of modern times, to spread the "good word" from our customers (and potential customers).

All his energy, his time, he did not account for are BROWN TURNER Chemicals®.

And it is with pride that he likes to say: "I gave my life BROWN TURNER Chemicals®."

As each of us, he has hobbies, such as music, he practices from time to time, or reading (technical journal of course). 
When asked: "Apart from the music, do you have a passion?" He answered without fail: "Yes: BROWN TURNER Chemicals®!" 

So on behalf of BROWN TURNER Chemicals® we congratulate Bruno L. for the work he do every day in the service of humanity and BROWN TURNER Chemicals®. Dieter Braun and Hans Türner (historical founders BROWN TURNER Chemicals®) would be proud of him.

We are proud to announce that this year's market share in France our "chemicals and derivatives division increased from 76.25% to 96.19% Congratulations! Another effort ...
Bruno L: A life for BROWN TURNER Chemicals


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